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Blog Posts in 2017

  • Are Domestic Workers Covered Under California Workers' Compensation?

    Domestic workers are employees that work around the house, usually employed by a single employer. For example, anyone hired to be a nanny, housekeeper, babysitter, or gardener is considered a domestic worker. Typically, a domestic worker is an independent contractor, but in some cases, the person who hires him or her is regarded as an employer with full responsibility for any injuries that occur ...
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  • Wear & Tear Injuries at Work

    People spend a lot of their time at work. When they repeat the same motions over and over again, they are at risk of developing repetitive stress injuries (RSI). These are injuries that affect workers’ muscles, backs, ears, and other body systems over the course of time. Most people aren’t designed for extended and repetitive motion or stillness. Repetition, such as extended typing, can wear down ...
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  • 3 Myths About Worker's Compensation

    Unless you or someone you know has been injured, you might not know too much about the subject of workers’ compensation . Many people are unfamiliar with it and have misconceptions about various aspects of what it is and how it can help. Here are the 3 most common myths people have about workers’ compensation. Myth #1: You Can Only File If the Injury Was the Employer’s Fault This myth is probably ...
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  • Records to Keep When Filing for Workers' Comp

    One of the best ways to assist yourself during a workers’ compensation case is to keep good and accurate records. Detailed notes can help the process go much more smoothly and increase the chances of receiving all benefits you will need to recover. Likewise, having the appropriate records can help you in the event the insurance company denies your workers’ comp claim. Here are some documents to ...
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