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  • What to Do if Your Workers’ Compensation Benefits are Incorrect or Late

    After you are injured on the job and begin receiving workers’ compensation benefits, you rely on those benefits to cover your injury-related expenses and provide a source of income when you are not able to work. If you receive a payment and it is not the correct amount, or do not get a payment when you should, it can understandably make you very worried. It is important to remain calm and follow ...
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  • Do I Still Get Workers' Compensation Benefits if my Workplace Goes Out of Business?

    When you successfully settle your workers’ compensation claim and begin receiving benefits, those benefits will likely be administered as periodic payments. Depending on the terms of your settlement, you may get checks until you recover, or continuously if you sustained a permanent disability. Once you begin receiving compensation, you should keep getting paid until an agreed-upon date that is ...
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  • How Your Benefits May Change if Your Work Injury Worsens

    Workers’ compensation benefits are issued based (partially) on the severity of an injury. Insurance providers and legal counsel evaluate the type of injury, its effect on the employee’s ability to work, and their projected recovery timeline to decide on how much the injured worker will receive, and for how long. However, medical conditions are rarely predictable — deciding on a compensation amount ...
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  • Employers’ Responsibilities When a Worker is Injured On the Job

    Workers’ compensation systems are in place to help injured employees recover when they are hurt on the job. To recover the benefits they are entitled to, an injured worker must follow certain procedures, such as reporting their injury and beginning the claims process. The responsibility of engaging in the workers’ compensation system doesn’t fall solely on the injury victim — employers have their ...
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