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Why You Don't Need to Prove Fault for Workers' Compensation

Workplace injuries can cause a lot of stress and suffering, and prevent you from getting back into your normal routine for a long time to come. That’s exactly why workers’ compensation laws were put in place: To protect workers from these situations, and ensure that they have adequate income for costly medical expenses and time off work.

Unfortunately, many eligible workers incorrectly believe that filing a workers’ compensation claim also means proving that their employer caused the accident. At Humphrey & Associates, we want to help people see through that misperception and understand their rights. If you’ve been injured in a work-related accident in California, youare entitled to benefits — and our skilled team is ready to help you seek those benefits.

Why Don’t I Need to Prove Fault for Workers’ Comp?

Unlike personal injury lawsuits, a workers’ compensation case does not hinge on the principle of negligence. Because many occupations (including white collar office work) can present serious hazards to employees, the state of California has adopted a “no fault” workers’ compensation system, in order to protect the rights of injury victims. In fact, all employers are legally required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, and to report their employees’ injuries as soon as they are notified about them.

Under workers’ compensation laws, you can claim the following benefits without causing any damage to your employer:

  • Coverage for your medical expenses.
  • Any relevant job retraining costs.
  • Disability benefits (both short- and long-term.)
  • Death benefits for affected spouses or dependents.

Of course, because you don’t need to prove fault, your attorney’s main task in a workers’ compensation claim will be to show that your injuries actually took place on the job, or due to the nature of your work itself. For instance, you can’t claim that you sustained a repetitive work injury like carpal tunnel syndrome unless a high level of typing is indeed required for your role.

Get the Caring Counsel You Need

With 20 years of experience navigating workers’ comp and Social Security Disability claims throughout Orange County and the Inland Empire, you can count on our team at Humphrey & Associates to stand up for your rights. Although many workers’ compensation claims are denied the first time around, we can help you request an appeal and push forward on your behalf. Regardless of your employer’s role in your workplace accident, you are entitled to receive your legal benefits from the insurance company — let us help you today!

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