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Where to Seek Treatment After Being Injured on the Job

Where Should I Go to Receive Treatment After a Work Injury?

Sometimes workplace injuries create an urgent need for immediate medical attention, which doesn’t give you much time to deliberate about where to go. Under such circumstances, you must always go to the nearest emergency care facility. However, if your emergency doesn’t require emergency intervention, you must closely adhere to California workers’ compensation laws when selecting a treating doctor and medical group.

In the state of California, you may go to your personal primary care doctor to be treated for a job-related injury if all of the following are true:

  • You have your own healthcare insurance coverage, separate from workers’ compensation insurance.
  • You predesignated your primary care doctor or other physician and notified your employer (in writing) before the point of your injury.
  • Your doctor has consented in advance to provide care for your job-related injury or sickness.

California workers are also allowed to predesignate qualified medical groups in advance. If you have not predesignated a doctor or medical group, you will likely have to go to the doctor named by your employer’s insurance provider. However, this can produce a conflict of interest and keep you from getting the compensation you need for your injuries, and you must seek counsel immediately if you believe you are not receiving the fair, professional care you need.

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