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List of Work-Related Fatalities in California in 2017

Fatal Accidents Among Workers in California in 2017

Unfortunately, workers in the state of California experienced approximately 25 work-related deaths last year. These deaths occurred for reasons ranging from criminal activity at the work site to freak accidents and heavy machinery.

In 2017, deaths among workers were as follows:

  • Death due to falling tree limb
  • Death due to fatal crushing by tractor
  • Death due to collapsing bin stacker
  • Death due to vehicle collision
  • Death due to shooting during robbery
  • Death due to inhalation of toxic metal fumes
  • Death due to fall from tree
  • Death due to crushing between truck and moving trailer
  • Death due to boom basket rolling over
  • Death due to drowning while attempting to retrieve drifting boat
  • Death due to entanglement in hydraulic tarp roller
  • Death due to crushing by vehicle
  • Death due to electrocution from contacting transformer
  • Death due to being struck by forklift
  • Death due to becoming infected while checking rafters for mold
  • Death due to being struck by operating milling machine spindle

If they are not killed, many workers are injured in such accidents and find themselves racking up thousands of dollars in medical expenses, needing long-term care, and needing permanent disability benefits in order to avoid plunging into financial ruin. Should it happen to you, the best thing you can do is connect with a workers’ compensation attorney in order to make sure you receive fair payment for your injuries.

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