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Does Workers’ Compensation Insurance Cover Employees Who Travel?

Many workers are required to travel as a part of their job description: Visiting other offices, attending conferences, or completing off-site work is a responsibility for a number of employees around the country. Unfortunately, on-the-job injuries can occur in these other work sites just as easily as they can happen at an employee’s daily place of business. In these cases, will workers’ compensation insurance cover their medical bills and other expenses?

Workers’ compensation for traveling employees can appear to be complicated, especially in instances of out-of-state travel. Every state has their own workers’ compensation laws, and things like benefits calculation and covered conditions vary between states. However, your workers’ comp coverage will always pertain to your employer’s insurance policy, and follow the laws that are in place in the state where your company is based.

Generally, workers’ compensation insurance providers are required to supply benefits to workers who are injured while performing any duty that pertains to their job. When an employee travels, the definition of their job duties (and the payment they receive) can expand. Their work time while traveling may include not only their time spent working in an out-of-office location, but also flights, and other actions that may not be considered “work” in a typical setting.

Workers’ compensation coverage is generally defined to cover employees who are injured while performing almost any work-related action. So, as long as an employee is injured while “on the clock,” they should be entitled to workers’ comp benefits.

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