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Can I Get Social Security Disability Benefits if I Struggle with Substance Abuse?

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To put it plainly, even mild alcohol use and infrequent drug use could keep you from getting the Social Security Disability benefits you need. However, you don’t necessarily have to forfeit the benefits you need just because you currently use drugs or alcohol. If you are at all concerned that drug or alcohol use will get in the way of receiving benefits, your best move is to contact a Social Security Disability attorney right away.

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Will I Be Asked About Drugs and Alcohol on My SSD Application?

Yes. When you are evaluated by a doctor, you will be asked about drugs and alcohol. (Depending on the condition related to your appeal for SSD benefits, you may be asked to provide more detail.) This is because drinking and drug use, even if infrequent or relatively mild, can cause lifelong health problems, such as mental health issues, heart disease, and damage to internal organs. If the Social Security Administration (SSA) determines that the condition motivating your SSD application is a direct result of drug or alcohol abuse, you will likely be ineligible to receive benefits.

Do I Have to Quit Using Drugs and Alcohol to Receive SSD Benefits?

Sometimes you will be required to stop drinking or seek treatment for drug addiction if it is perceived by the SSA that doing so will alleviate your condition. In other words, if the SSA thinks eliminating your drug or alcohol problem will resolve the health issue that is keeping you from supporting yourself, they may provide benefits—but you may still have to undergo treatment.

You may not necessarily be required to make any changes regarding alcohol or drugs if your primary debilitating condition doesn’t stem from a substance abuse problem. However, this is not always the case.

Getting an Attorney on Your Side Makes All the Difference

While a Social Security Disability lawyer won’t be able to change the rules by which the SSA abides, they can help you navigate the system effectively and increase your chances of success. Our Orange County attorneys can help you do everything you need to do to apply for disability benefits, and we are prepared to do everything in our power to ensure you receive the assistance you need.

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