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Blog Posts in 2019

  • How Your Benefits May Change if Your Work Injury Worsens

    Workers’ compensation benefits are issued based (partially) on the severity of an injury. Insurance providers and legal counsel evaluate the type of injury, its effect on the employee’s ability to work, and their projected recovery timeline to decide on how much the injured worker will receive, and for how long. However, medical conditions are rarely predictable — deciding on a compensation amount ...
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  • Employers’ Responsibilities When a Worker is Injured On the Job

    Workers’ compensation systems are in place to help injured employees recover when they are hurt on the job. To recover the benefits they are entitled to, an injured worker must follow certain procedures, such as reporting their injury and beginning the claims process. The responsibility of engaging in the workers’ compensation system doesn’t fall solely on the injury victim — employers have their ...
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  • Waze May Help First Responders Arrive at Accident Scenes Faster

    Waze, a popular navigation app for drivers, could alert law enforcement and other first responders about car accidents well before traditional methods — and contribute to more positive outcomes in the process. The collaborative GPS and traffic-alert app collects data from users to build more accurate reports about road conditions. While using Waze, drivers can report car accidents, objects in the ...
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  • How are Victims of Hit and Run Car Accidents Compensated?

    The aftermath of a car accident (in a fault state like California) usually involves filing a claim with the other driver’s insurance company, and then evaluating the details of the crash to determine who was responsible. Often, the parties involved in the accident will negotiate to outline the terms of compensation, and if there is a dispute, the case will move to trial. Allotting compensation ...
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