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Employers’ Responsibilities When a Worker is Injured On the Job

Workers’ compensation systems are in place to help injured employees recover when they are hurt on the job. To recover the benefits they are entitled to, an injured worker must follow certain procedures, such as reporting their injury and beginning the claims process.

The responsibility of engaging in the workers’ compensation system doesn’t fall solely on the injury victim — employers have their own duties to help their employees receive the benefits they need.

Informing Employees of their Rights

Most employers are legally required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, and part of that legal responsibility involves making sure workers are aware of relevant state and company policies. The requirement to provide workers’ compensation goes well beyond just buying the insurance coverage — it is the employer’s job to facilitate each employee’s ability to receive those benefits if they are injured at work.

Information about workers’ compensation is usually provided to new employees upon hire, and laws generally require that reminders of workers’ comp information is made available to employees on a regular basis. In most cases, employers are required to display a poster in a high-visibility area that lists facts about the laws, the benefits that are available, information about the company’s insurance provider, employees’ rights when they are injured, and how to report injuries when they occur.

Serving as a Connection Between Workers and the Insurance Provider

In addition to providing information on what to do if an employee is injured, employers should also help with that process when a work accident happens. When a worker reports an injury, their employer must provide information on how to file a claim, along with the necessary paperwork to do so. As an injury claim progresses, the employer will work with their employee and the company’s insurance provider to resolve the situation.

Unfortunately, the “resolution” of a workers’ compensation case sometimes ends in a claim denial. Throughout the claims process, it is important to have the assistance of an experienced attorney on your side. The Humphrey & Associates team is available to help you recover the benefits you deserve following an on-the-job injury.

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