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What Are My Chances of Being Approved for SSD?

Factors that May Decrease Your Likelihood of Approval

If this is your first application for Social Security disability benefits, you are unlikely to be approved. Given recent budget cuts by the federal government and current economic unpredictability, the Social Security Administration denies more than 70 percent of initial applications.

In addition to being a first-time SSD applicant, the likelihood of your denial may increase if any of the following are true:

  • Your application is missing important medical information.
  • Your application lacks sufficient documentation of medical issues.
  • Your application was completely incorrectly.
  • You are currently working more than 45 hours per month.
  • You currently have a substantial income of more than $1,090 per month.

Factors that May Increase Your Likelihood of Approval

Having the right support can significantly improve your chances of receiving Social Security disability benefits. A skilled disability advocate or Social Security lawyer will have an in-depth understanding of how the system works and be able to advise you regarding what materials must be included in your application. Having one such advocate on your side can help you successfully navigate the appeals process if your application is denied.

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