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Case Results

We have won over $400 Million for our personal injury clients

Below are some of our recent case results. At Humphrey & Associates, we’ll represent you and fight for the benefits and compensation that you’re entitled to. On this page, we list some of the amounts that our clients have received.

We will tirelessly pursue your rightful claims for damages, medical expenses, loss of wages, and compensation for any pain and suffering.

  • Arm Injury- $1,150,000

    Arm injury in food factory while working

  • Auto Accident- $738,700

    Auto accident while working

  • Auto vs Auto- $285,000

    Case settled in 1 year and 2 months

    A 29-year old woman was driving through an intersection when suddenly a vehicle made a left turn in front of her. She sustained multiple fractures to her foot and ankle which required surgery. This client did not have medical insurance. We set her up with medical treatment as well as two surgeries that didn’t require any type of payment until after the case settled.

  • Auto vs Person Accident- $237,500

    Case Settled 1 ½ later

    A 22-year old woman was on the side of the freeway sitting on the back of a trailer when a vehicle veered off the road and struck the woman and several other people that she was with. She sustained a large laceration to her right thigh which required 80 staples. She also sustained injuries to her back and neck.

  • Back and Neck Injury- $500,000

    Longtime employee - cumulative trauma to back and neck while working.

  • Back Injury- $500,000

    Back injury at work

  • Dog Bite- $112,000

    Case Settled 4 months later.

    A 3-year old little girl and other children were playing in the yard at a neighbor’s house. She hugged their dog and the dog bit her on the ear and her neck. She was rushed to the ER. She required several stitches. Unfortunately the wound became infected. The 3 year old was admitted into the hospital for several days.

  • Gunshot Injury- $1,500,000

    Gunshot victim while working

  • Head Trauma- $650,000

    Head trauma while working in a hospital

  • Slip & Fall- $500,000

    Slip and fall knee injury at work

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