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Do You Have Computer Vision Syndrome?

“White Collar Injuries” Still Merit Workers’ Compensation Coverage

When many people think of workplace injuries, they think of disastrous construction accidents, slips and falls, and other incidents that occur at a single point in time. However, people who work in offices, behind computers, or at desks are also at risk of developing job-related aches and pains known as white collar workplace injuries. Whether your injury is as serious as losing a limb or as seemingly minor as neck pain, injuries that result from the daily demands of your job qualify you for workers’ compensation benefits.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome (CVS) refers to a wide variety of symptoms and eye problems that stem from staring at lit screens on a regular basis. CVS can happen to anyone whose job requires them to spend a significant amount of time looking at a computer screen. Your computer-based job may be affecting your sight if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Irritation
  • Blurry vision
  • Headaches or migraines
  • New difficulty focusing your eyes

If you develop computer vision syndrome, you may have to pay for prescription lenses and see specialists to diagnose the eye problems you have developed. You may be entitled to workers’ compensation and you may need to do so in order to avoid personally absorbing the cost of your eye injuries. However, you may need legal representation to convince your employer to compensate you as your condition merits.

Legal Representation for Injured Workers in Orange County

Our Orange County workers’ compensation lawyers at Humphrey & Associates are here to serve you whether you have been injured slowly over time at a desk job, sustained serious injuries in a workplace accident, or anything in between. Our goal is to keep you from being shortchanged and ensure your employer compensates you appropriately following your injury, so that you are never forced to absorb the cost of medical treatment, rehabilitation, lost wages, or any other injury-related costs.

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