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  • Do You Have Computer Vision Syndrome?

    “White Collar Injuries” Still Merit Workers’ Compensation Coverage When many people think of workplace injuries, they think of disastrous construction accidents, slips and falls, and other incidents that occur at a single point in time. However, people who work in offices, behind computers, or at desks are also at risk of developing job-related aches and pains known as white collar workplace ...
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  • White Collar Workplace Injuries

    Common Desk Job Injuries If you work in an office or in higher-level administration, you aren’t entirely removed from the physical dangers of work. You could sustain a work-related injury whether your job is grueling and labor-intensive or strategic and analytical. Because white-collar jobs typically involve desk work and computers, they pose a risk for certain injuries, including: Back pain: It’s ...
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  • Can I Get Workers' Comp if I'm Injured by a Coworker?

    Who Is Responsible if a Coworker Hurts Me? Sometimes relationships between coworkers go sour, to the point that one deliberately hurts another. This can occur in somewhat hidden ways, such as attempting to trip someone or failing to exercise the same level of care around them, and it can also take the form of outright malicious violence. Regardless of whether your coworker went out of their way to ...
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  • Can I Get Social Security Disability Benefits if I Struggle with Substance Abuse?

    Call (844) 612-5800 to Speak to an Attorney about Your Social Security Disability Questions Today. To put it plainly, even mild alcohol use and infrequent drug use could keep you from getting the Social Security Disability benefits you need. However, you don’t necessarily have to forfeit the benefits you need just because you currently use drugs or alcohol. If you are at all concerned that drug or ...
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