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Blog Posts in April, 2019

  • Top 7 Questions After a Workplace Injury

    As dedicated workers’ compensation attorneys, we hear a lot of questions from clients about the process of filing a claim. Although virtually all work-related injuries are covered under California’s workers’ compensation laws, there are many myths floating around out there about this program — and how to begin the process of seeking your benefits. At Humphrey & Associates, we’re here to help. ...
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  • Why You Don't Need to Prove Fault for Workers' Compensation

    Workplace injuries can cause a lot of stress and suffering, and prevent you from getting back into your normal routine for a long time to come. That’s exactly why workers’ compensation laws were put in place: To protect workers from these situations, and ensure that they have adequate income for costly medical expenses and time off work. Unfortunately, many eligible workers incorrectly believe ...
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