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Recovering Workers' Compensation for Workplace Violence in Orange County

Workers' safety or lack thereof is the primary point of discussion in workers' compensation cases. Working in nearly any industry holds certain risks, but your employer is expected to look out for your health and safety, especially in regards to any known hazards associated with your job function. This includes taking precautions in their hiring process and working to prevent unnecessary violence in the workplace. If you have been hurt as a result of workplace violence, your injuries and emotional distress may be covered under workers' compensation.

Causes of Workplace Violence

There are many different causes of workplace violence that you can watch out for, such as:

  • Customer dissatisfaction which leads to disgruntled employees.
  • Personal conflicts of co-workers and customers.
  • Mental health problems or even physical illness.

Although many workplace accidents could have been prevented, such as someone slipping and falling on a wet floor, there is no real way to predict an incident of violence.

Examples of Workplace Violence

The first step in filing a workers' compensation claim for workplace violence is to determine whether you have grounds for a claim. If you suffered injuries or became ill as a result of an act of violence in the workplace, you may be able to file a workers' compensation claim. The benefits you are entitled to may vary, depending on the situation.

Workplace violence does not have to be between two employees. Incidents may include other circumstances, such as:

  • Another employee's spouse or partner hurts you
  • A patron or customer harms you
  • You are hurt or threatened during a robbery
  • You are assaulted in the workplace

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