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World Cancer Day

February 4 is World Cancer Day, an international day marked on February 4 to help raise awareness of the disease and encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment.

With cancer staking center stage on social media the past month due to notable individuals who succumbed to the disease, many individuals and corporations have expressed their support to eradicating the disease and encouraging those who are struggling with it.

We’re raising awareness and supporting those affected by cancer on #WorldCancerDay by sharing some of those tweets with you.

World Cancer Day Tweet: @komenaustin "It's #WorldCancerDay. Remember those we've lost & keep supporting those who are still fighting! Stay brave & Strong!" 2/04/2016

World Cancer Day Tweet, @Devina_d: "Love all the posts being shared about #WorldCancerDay. Support the fighters, Admire the survivors and Honor the taken!" 2/04/2016

World Cancer Day Tweet, @neil_morgan: "Thinking of friends and family today #WorldCancerDay" 2/04/2016

World Cancer Day Tweet, @emilyyrenee: "Today is #WorldCancerDay. Help spread awareness and make breakthroughs with the @theABTA and more." 2/04/2016. Image attached from the American Brain Tumor Association.

World Cancer Day Quote: "Today marks 2 years since my mom told me she had breast cancer. Now she's healthy and going strong!" #WorldCancerDay #SaveTheTaTas

Screenshot of Twitter post, @carriegowans: "Thanks to all who provide treatment, fund research or provide services to those fighting #WorldCancerDay" 2/04/2016

World Cancer Day Tweet, @JasonFeavers: "#daytounite #worldcancerday Thinking of everyone affected by cancer" 2/04/2016

World Cancer Day Tweet, @zeeshannkhalid: "#WorldCancerDay You Are Stronger Than You Know, And You Will Survive And Thrive." 2/04/2016

World Cancer Day Tweet, @KaylaEasterly: "My heart goes out to all those who have fought, or are fighting for their lives against this terrible disease #WorldCancerDay #BeatCancer" 2/04/2016

World Cancer Day Tweet: @WHO: "Meet Guellermina. A #cancer survivor who turned community activist in #Belize. #WorldCancerDay". Second tweet: "Dear health workers, On #WorldCancerDay, and every day we say: Thank you!"

World Cancer Day Ribbon Tweet @rachmooree: "Couldn't be prouder of my mom #WorldCancerDay #ADayToUnite" 2/04/2016

Screenshot of Twitter post by @Bryan_Oviedo: "The most difficult situations are only for the strongest people, rise up and fight. Never give up! #WorldCancerDay" 2/04/2016

Screenshot of Twitter post: @lenovo: "We wish love & strength to those who've lost a family member. Praise & inspiration to those searching for a cure. #WorldCancerDay" 2/04/2016