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Kevin Humphrey on Insurance Adjusters: A Business Practice

Kevin Humphrey, founder of Humphrey & Associates, has been working with clients for almost 20 years. During that time, he’s had many victims come to him after struggling with getting their workers’ compensation benefits. In his recent eBook, he discussed some of the challenges they were faced with in their fight against big business and the profit-driven insurance companies.

“I’ve been practicing workers’ compensation law for over 20 years. I’ve seen the progression of the system and its changes over the years through politicians and big business continually changing the system. What I’ve seen over the last 20 years is a system that has progressively become very difficult for the injured worker to get fair and adequate benefits, as well as medical treatment.

I continue to see news articles and publications talking about the fraudulent injured workers. What I don’t hear about is all the fraudulent employers and insurance companies not administering or providing benefits. The fact is most workers’ compensation claims are legitimate. Just like there are good people and bad people, there are good injured workers, as well as bad injured workers. My office strives to represent those who are in need in their fight against big business and the profit-driven insurance companies.

People with ongoing work-related injuries who are looking for information and representation contact our office on a daily basis. Unfortunately, our office cannot represent everyone. However, we think it’s important to provide information to everyone that we possibly can so we do that by way of free consultations. To supplement and educate those who reach out to us, we address concerns by way of this book. Hopefully, it will be a great resource, and you will be more informed on what you need to do to move forward in regards to your work-related accident.

My biggest concern for those injured workers who do not get representation is the possibility of them believing their insurance adjuster is actually trying to help them with their claim. In the 20 years of my experience representing the injured and their families, I can tell you that I have yet to see an insurance adjuster who truly has a sense of humanity and wants to properly provide benefits and treatment to an injured worker. The fact is insurance adjusters work for insurance companies whose only goal is to make a profit. They achieve this by collecting premiums and paying as little as possible on claims.

At Humphrey & Associates, our goals and values are helping the underdogs who are unfortunately thrown into a system they didn’t chose. To be of value to them and their families, our goal is to help them get the best medical treatment possible, pay their bills along the way, get them back to work and move them forward with their lives. The system that exists today has roadblocks usually instituted by insurance companies, and are designed to keep individuals from achieving these goals. Our experience tells us what those roadblocks are and how to move past them as quickly as possible. It is our belief that the best workers’ compensation claim is one that’s closed.”