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What You Need to Know About the “Fatal Four” Construction Accidents

Most people understand construction can be a dangerous job, particularly the people who work in the industry. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), of the 4,379 worker fatalities in private sectors in 2015, around 21.4% were in construction.

The leading cause of construction workers deaths continue to be four primary accidents—falls, being struck by an object, electrocution, and getting caught-in / between objects. These types of disasters were responsible for more than half construction worker deaths in 2015.

The percentage of deaths caused by each of the four accidents is listed below:

  • Falls – 38.8%
  • Struck by object – 9.6%
  • Electrocution — 8.6%
  • Caught-in / between – 7.2%

OSHA also estimates eliminating the fatal four would save 602 workers’ lives in the United States every year.

OSHA and several other professional safety and health organizations are attempting to target the contributing factors, whether by educating employers on providing better equipment, training, or clear procedure instructions. For example, they might educate businesses that features such as fall-prevention systems tend to be more useful than fall protection symptoms because prevention systems offer more positive safety means.

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