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Why Employers Dispute Workers' Comp Claims

Many employers like to say that they are always doing what they can to take care of their workers after an on-the-job injury, but evidence can reveal an opposite relationship. Rather than accepting workers’ compensation claims forthright, some employers will deny them outright. The behavior leaves many injured employees asking why, and the answers often leave them feeling frustrated.

Reasons Employers Deny Workers’ Comp Claims

The number one reason a workers’ compensation claim would be denied by an employer is the same reason a lot of processes and claims can go sideways at the workplace: money. An employer that has to offer workers’ comp benefits will need to buy the insurance product from another company. If you have a car, home, or any other insurance, you know that monthly premiums are necessary to fulfil the contract, and that these can go up.

Any claim filed within a workplace will impact monthly premium costs. Small claims – like a sprained ankle – may make no impact but large claims – like an amputation – will raise the cost significantly. Employers looking to save a dollar in the end may shut down employee claims without valid reasoning.

Other than money influencing their decisions, an employer may simply be in disbelief. They may not believe how much medical treatment was necessary for your injury, or whether or not your injury even took place at work. For cumulative trauma disorder (CTD), employers may not believe the injury is real or debilitating at all; this is often the case for carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive motion disorder, and other minor injuries that cause major pain.

After a Claim is Denied

No matter the reason an employer denies a claim, the employee has the option to contest it. If you have been surprised to find that your workers’ compensation claim was stopped by your own boss or employer, you need to get ready for a potentially complicated legal battle ahead. Contact Humphrey & Associates for the assistance, guidance, and representation you need. Our Orange County workers’ compensation lawyers have 20+ years of legal experience.