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Common Occupational Injuries for Healthcare Workers

Individuals in the healthcare industry have some of the most difficult jobs. Part of this difficulty rests in their exposure to many types of harm on the job. Not only can healthcare be physically demanding, but it can take a huge toll on the body. Here are the most common work-related injuries for people in the medical field.

Overexertion/ Stress

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), healthcare workers are more than 7 times as likely to develop musculoskeletal disorders compared to other workers. Likely, this is the result of doing a repeated type of gesture or movement on a regular basis.

Damage from Moving Patients

Workers such as orderlies are required to lift patients manually on a daily basis. Whether it’s to move them to a different bed or moving the patient to reposition their body, the worker is bearing the weight of an additional person. This can put a lot of strain on the medical worker’s back and can even cause slipped discs.

Needle Sticks

Healthcare workers, especially nurses, are vulnerable to needle pricks and being harmed by other sharp medical instruments that can puncture the skin. This puts many workers at risk for bloodborne pathogens and bacterial infections.


Healthcare and social-service workers are at high risk of being assaulted at work. Patients, their families, and their friends all pose potential dangers. Hospital workers, in particular, are at risk because violent offenders may be getting treatment while on criminal hold. Hospitals and clinics are also more likely to be targeted by robbers because of the presence of narcotics.

Slips and Falls

Water and liquid is a constant potential hazard in the medical field, particularly in hospitals and nursing homes. If a healthcare worker steps into liquid on the floor, he or she could get seriously hurt in a fall.

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