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Records to Keep When Filing for Workers' Comp

One of the best ways to assist yourself during a workers’ compensation case is to keep good and accurate records. Detailed notes can help the process go much more smoothly and increase the chances of receiving all benefits you will need to recover. Likewise, having the appropriate records can help you in the event the insurance company denies your workers’ comp claim. Here are some documents to start with.

Mileage & Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Injured workers can get reimbursement for their travel expenses to and from medical appointments. The most common form is based on mileage. Reimbursement rates will vary by state, but many of them have adopted the IRS standard rate of $0.56 per mile. You might also be able to get reimbursement for other travel expenses, such as bus tickets, parking, and tolls. Make sure to keep track of all these receipts, including the date, starting address, destination address, the roundtrip mileage, and any other travel expenses occurred.

Time Off Work

With workers’ compensation claims, you can receive temporary disability benefits. These will provide you with about 55% of the wages you typically receive. Your time off work will likely be recorded in your medical records and employer records, but you should keep track of these dates on your own as well.

Your Claim

Keep track of all paperwork you send or receive relating to your workers’ comp claim. If the insurance company tries to dispute your claim, you will have evidence of the documents they might say they have not received.

Pain Journal

If you’re experiencing pain as a result of your accident, you should keep a journal regarding your state of being while you are healing from your injury. These journals are often used by injured plaintiffs in personal injury cases to keep track of “pain and suffering.” This journal can be used to show the severity of your injuries and will be helpful if you think the insurance company will dispute the seriousness of your disability.

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